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The Chinese community in Deptford BREAKING silence to STOP crime

On 26th July, the Chinese community in Deptford came out in force. An unexpected turnout of over 80 people including young children and mothers with pushchairs who live and work in the area from a modest 50 estimation. They chanted one voice, one community, stop crime, no more, for our family, for our neighbourhood, protect neighbourhood, united in action; IN a UNIFIED voice which created a very positive 1st step in working together to tackle the issue of persistent crime. 

Surrounding shopkeeper came out with curiosity and people in the area peeked through their windows to see what the chanting was all about. The action was public and noted. The message was clear that the Chinese community have had enough, BREAKING their silence to STOP crime.  This has brought people together who share same experience being targets of crime. The march included pit stops at several sites which the community mapped out where persistent robbery at knife and gun point occur before the final destination at Deptford police station where the delegation was received by Chief Inspector Shaun Willshire and his neighbourhood team. The Chinese leader in ms xiao qin she presented case and asked him to work with the chinese community to ensure 100% crime is reported and to start working with them to erase crime in all its form to make the neighbourhood safer for all. The chief inspector acknowledge the problems of language barrier and trust; through negotiations, he had offerred a meeting to meet with the Chinese leaders in Deptford to discuss next steps and what mechanisms can be put into place so the community can report crime safely without fear. The action ended with a little 7 year old boy who presented an amulet to the chief inspector and said "I carry this with me all the time to keep me safe, you can have it. I do not need this anymore because now I have hope that you will PROTECT us".

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