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LIVE NOW – Citizens Youth Assembly 2010


Aisha here- i'll be blogging with Rohit and Rex.  We're the digital media team.

Today we're going to be sharing how the London Citizen Youth Assembly unfolds.

Ashlee J and Tee J have been on stage and we have just had the roll call of all the groups and institutions involved.

Fantastic to see all these confident and bright kids on the stage.  Showcasing and celebrating the diversity and phenomenal achievements over the past year.

Also will be having some LIVE negotiations.

13:12 - We're starting our new live blogging feed.


Showcase: City Safe SLC

City Safe campaign in action.  Have helped create 200 city safe havens.  Welcomed Barry Mizen, father of Billy Mizen, on stage.

CSI Neil Myers agreed with supporting the City Safe campaign.  Fantastic response.

Good news! Starbucks have opened Stratford store as a CitySafe Haven.


Showcase: City Safe Youth Games

Sylvia, Yasmin and Tamana on stage- young sports leaders from Selwyn and Curwen primary schools, in Plaistow, Newham.

City Safe Youth Games Film shown- great!


£1000 challenge

Now Alvin and Christine are on stage- so what is it?

FUNDRAISING PROJECT to help make our streets and neighbourhoods safer- get in tough with ideas!


Band- performance by Mixed Opinions

Great performance- can feel the beat.  They've got the whole kit on- shades, trilby, guitar and drumkit.

Powerful message


Showcase: Living Wage

Nizam Uddin president of the University of Londn Union and Vice Prident Mazdak Alizadeh on stage.

Really sweet kids singing about the injustice of Minimum wage that 'Cinderella' earns


100s of employers have agreed to pay the living wage over the past 10 years.


Now on stage- representatives from Birkbeck, SOAS, Institute of Education and Goldsmith's.

Now on stage- Professor Howard Davies (LSE) and Prof Philip Ogden (Queen Mary's)

Cinderella has presented awards to these representatives.  London Citizens the Living Wage campaign are grateful for these changes to eradicate social injustice.


students from KHS

film shown and now drumming from students- LIVE

Showcased their events and DIVERSITY EVENT! 17th July 12-4 pm


Pathway film

Citizen Schools in action showing how much they raised and how they did it.

Round of applause for the young inspiring students


Irish Dancing

Some elegant and well formed Irish dancing from one young lad. Tap away!

14:07 - The young irish dancer just moon walked and is stepping it up with speed.

Encore for Ryan Bleach, UK Under 18 Irish dancing champion.

14:10 - Little Ilford School News

Dramatic Introduction for a news flash - shocked the audience

Promoting: - Street Safe, Street Clean,

14:14 - Money Mentors

Money mentors aim is to pass on or teach kids to be in control of their finances.

Some great enthusiasm from these young adults. Assuring the audience that their money will stay safe!

14:17 - Young student sharing her experience with the money mentor classes. Rather inspirational

14:18 - Small taster of Money mentor classes from two stylishly glowing young teachers getting the audience involved with their quiz questions.

14;21 - Some Booing between upstairs and downstairs!

14:23 - St. Charles Dance Troop now performing

Great Coreography with good use of props and all are looking good in their suits.

Heavy mix of tunes to go with their well thought up dance! Heads are banging to this stuff!

crowds is roaring in applause after the dance group performance

14:29 Showcase: Prendergast Ladywell Fields College

Now its time for final showcase
Order, Order, in my court room.

All prisoners brought in

We have seen three cases of young people who accused of bad social behaviour.

But they were all found NOT GUILTY=it was the PREJUDICE of the judge that got o trial in the first place- they were actually active citizens participating in helping to improve the community

14:40 Citizens for sanctuary

Finally, Listen out for them as they hopefully win even more support live on stage....

Its Lorin(kurdish from Syria) here one of  children who were detained in 2009.

She explains her situation. and also how CITIZENS campaigns helped her.

On 3 rd  May 2010 CITIEZENS UK held an assembly and invited three party leader (Brown, Clegg and Cameron big three). and in front of 2500 people, all three agreed its unacceptable to detain children.

Gets crowds applause


Professor Sandel

Absolutely honoured to be in the presence of Prof Sandel from HARVARD.  He was sharing his thoughts on the assembly today and enlightening us on political philosophy and the common good.  Uplifting to see how the audience would not just stand and let injustice happen- Prof Sandel motivated the audience by praising them for being active citizens, living in London and making that difference!


Performance by Georgina

11 yr old girl with a fantastic loud and powerful voice inspired by Leona Lewis.  Beautiful!


Finale and thank you

Tee J and Ashley J read through the text ideas to raise £1000 for community projects.

Everyone up on the stage.

And so that was the end of our massively successful event- but remember THE WORK CONTINUES.